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At Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) we are already in our seventh year of operation.  Business is going from strength to strength and we attribute our success to our focus on quality service, our experienced staff and the fact that we continuously improve our standards.

10 Reasons why you should choose Enterprise Mobility Services:

ISO 9001:2008 -

ISO 9001:2008  - We  have been re-certified to the current ISO certification through DQS which is the latest international standard for quality management and quality assurance systems.  This assists EMS to continually improve our services.

Independent Multi-Vendor Service Provider -

EMS is an Independent Multi-Vendor Service Provider - At EMS we provide an independent maintenance and repair service to any advanced data capturing brand that operates in Southern Africa.  We are a one-stop-shop

Non-OEM Batteries -

Non-OEM batteries - Increasing your power beyond expectations.  We offer non-oem batteries with a 12 month warranty at exceptional pricing.

National Coverage -

National coverage through our smart courier - We will collect and return any faulty equipment throughout Sub Saharan Africa.

Free collection and return service -

As mentioned above we will collect and return any repair at no charge. FREE SERVICE

Service Level Agreements -

We offer 3 types of Service Level Agreements at the lowest cost; namely the Bronze, Silver and Gold Option with guaranteed turn around times of between 48 and 72 hours depending on which option you choose.  These options provide a full service of the product, wear and tear, extreme use as well as print head replacement on the gold option.

Repair Warranty -

 We offer a 120 day warranty on all repairs - this is a "no frills, no-questions asked" offer.  If a unit is returned to us within 120 days it will be repaired under warranty.  The only exception, is that the unit/printer must be in one piece.

No quote reject fee -

If you do not wish to repair your scanner/printer it will not cost you, the client, anything - NO QUOTE REJECT FEE!!


Log a call, EMS will collect, EMS will quote and EMS will return the repaired unit.  If you quote reject - NO COST!!




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